Sunday, 29 July 2018

Jun 2018 - Costa Favolosa - Days 3-4 Bergen and Kristiansand

Arriving this absolutely beautiful morning into Bergen

Bergen grew up around this colourful harbour - it was the hub of commerce, seafaring and crafts-manship. So important was Bergen by the 13th century that the Hansas - the German medieval guild of merchants - opened one of their four European offices on the wharf called Bryggen.

Seafood heaven - Oh yeah..

Suddenly you realise where the art director for the HP movies got some inspiration. Bergen old town is  more Hogsmeade than Hogsmeade

The Hanseatic Wharf

Passing under the Hardaber Bridge as we leave Bergen. Our captain seems to have a fixation on his horn.

Cunards Queen Elizabeth l crosses our path as we sail away from Bergen.

I wonder if it will actually go dark tonight - thank goodness for black out curtains.

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