Looking back on the garden.

I've keep starting to put together a before and after for the garden in a similar style to the barn conversion entrys. Of course I have left it to late as this year Autumn seems to have struck early leaving me with hardly any pictures of anything in bloom. Living on a hillside has always been a challenge especially when our planning conditions mean we can't alter the fall of the land.

Once the scaffolding started to come down and we started looking forward to the first summer I started looking at various ideas to get us going quickly. The fields have never been reseeded or re turfed (other than areas that had been dug out completely for pipework etc). All I did was slowly run an old mower over the meadow grass to get it under control. You end up with a field of brown initially because the shoots of the grass have never seen the light of day before but eventually fresh new grass will grow. Its not ever going to be the finest grass in the world (or the most weed free) but it will look controlled and healthy if you keep it in check once a week with a mow. (Here a good wide petrol mower with its own drive has come in handy and saved my back - unfortunately a sit on won't work here as its just to steep).

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